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Renewable and Greener Energy

Environmental Stewardship

Supplementary solar power continues to be successfully employed where possible across our operations. This includes the Pro Dive Cairns training centre, our Port Douglas catering and workshop facilities, Green Island Resort, our Quicksilver Dive training centre, retail and office facilities, and the weather station at Quicksilver’s Agincourt platform.

  • Powering for a sustainable future with renewable fuel engines: Our wavepiercer catamarans, Quicksilver VIII and Quicksilver V (most recently in 2024), have undergone multimillion dollar engine refits to deliver a more sustainable future with reduced emissions and are ready for renewable fuels. These vessels feature next generation Rolls Royce mtu series 2000 engines, which have a clean fuel certification for HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) and other synthetically produced diesel fuels which have demonstrated up to 90% CO2 emissions reduction. When the HVO fuel becomes commercially available in Australia, our fleet will be ready to lead the way with these environmentally-friendly, sustainable fuels.
  • Despite Green Island being home to a significant rainforest, we’ve been able to achieve some impressive results since the first solar panels were installed in 2017. An additional 45kW solar array installed in 2019 doubles renewable energy generation to around one quarter of the island’s needs. This helps to power the Resort’s tertiary sewage treatment plant, desalination plant for potable water and the island’s other facilities including the Department of Primary Industries Research Facility, Telstra Tower, Marineland Melanesia and navigational aids on the Green Island jetty.
  • Replacement of older technology diesel power generation from vessels and island infrastructure reduces carbon emissions. As an example, replacing four older diesel generators on Green Island with three smaller new technology generators and the solar arrays, has significantly reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions and led to the decommissioning of one generator.
  • Quicksilver’s new coaches, progressively rolled out since 2016, are among the cleanest and most fuel efficient available. By European Emission Standards, they are (EEV) enhanced environmentally friendly vehicles and exceed current standards in Australia.
  • Emissions reduction: Our vessels are operated as efficiently as possible and the entire fleet undergoes annual refits. This not only ensures they are in the best condition for our customers, but also in peak mechanical condition for efficient operations and reduced emissions.