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Protection & Monitoring of our Reef sites

Environmental Stewardship

Caring for our “patches” and reef environment is our daily charter.

  • The company’s ‘Reef Biosearch’ team of marine biologists is focused on education, research and monitoring within our daily operations. Since 1986, Reef Biosearch has the longest ongoing logbook of marine observations on the Reef. This gives an excellent understanding of site specific changes and impacts and was instrumental as a precursor to GBRMPA’s Eye on the Reef. We participate in recognised programs such as Eye on the Reef where staff record observations, enabling findings to become part of regional and international information networks.
  • The Quicksilver Group has team divers who are trained to conduct Crown of Thorns Starfish eradication. When densities of COTS are eating coral faster than it can grow, intervention is needed. We have permits to run our own eradication programs.
  • We observe extensive and strict practices to protect and nurture the Reef’s health - from physical impacts of our reef structures, water quality, through to visitor education including a “No Touch” marine fauna and flora policy.  For sun protection, we provide Lycra suits and use marine friendly sunscreens (free from oxybenzone chemicals). The use of chemicals are strictly managed specifically detailing what types of chemicals can be used, how much can be used, how they are stored and how they are disposed.
  • Structurally, our permanently moored reef platforms (pontoons) have mooring blocks and chains positioned on sand to reduce impacts while positioning of the structures avoids shading the corals.   These sites are meticulously managed by our staff who regularly inspect and monitor to ensure our sites remain in pristine condition; we are able to be proactive in addressing any areas of concern and collect valuable data on the cycles which affect our environment.