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Minke Whale Bucket List Liveaboard Trips

19th of May 2023
Minke Whale Bucket List Liveaboard Trips

Whale season is fast approaching on the Great Barrier Reef and for a limited time, Pro Dive Cairns will be heading off to the Ribbon Reefs for special three-day, three-night minke encounter liveaboard trips.

Departing every Tuesday from 30 May with last trip on 1 August, the Pro Dive Cairns team will be travelling to the minke hotspots at the ribbon reefs off Port Douglas and Cooktown where we find the most consistent opportunity for this remarkable experience.

Pro Dive Cairns General Manager, Paul Lim said, “This liveaboard trip is perfect for the diver looking for that next level of marine life encounter. It’s a unique experience that words can’t describe for anyone that has had a minke whale encounter."

While minke's operate on their own schedule and no encounter can ever be guaranteed, this liveaboard trip visits multiple sites popular with migrating minkes, so encounters each trip are highly likely.

Minke whales are curious animals. When encountered, a line is placed in the water which the swimmers hold onto and the minkes tend to swim in closer and closer as they become more confident.

The whole encounter is conducted under strict guidelines and Pro Dive Cairns has one of the few permits from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to swim with the dwarf minkes. It’s actually the naturally inquisitive minkes that decide how close they interact and swim with us.

The dwarf minke whale is the smallest baleen whale - growing up to 8 metres long with adults weighing in at 5-6 tonnes! As well as the minke encounters, divers are able to enjoy up to 10 exciting dives at the Agincourt ribbon reefs, Ribbon Reef 10 and Ribbon Reef 3. 

Quicksilver’s Silversonic dive and snorkel day trips departing from Port Douglas also have a permit to swim with minkes if encountered.