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Famous people and the Great Barrier Reef

31st of July 2018
Famous people and the Great Barrier Reef

David Attenborough

  • “I have no hesitation in answering that question. My favourite place is North Queensland. It has for a naturalist everything. It has an amazing rainforest which is quite unlike any other rainforest in the world. Not only does it have that but down on the coast it has the Great Barrier Reef.”
  • “It is one of the greatest, and most splendid natural treasures that the world possesses.”
  • “From all my travels, the first time I put on scuba gear and dived on the coral reef is the moment I remember most vividly. Suddenly, this amazing world is revealed right in front of you.”
  • “(the Great Barrier Reef is) the most magical thing I ever saw in my life” On his first time seeing and diving the reef.

Attenborough diving the Great Barrier Reef