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Master Reef Guides enhancing visitor experiences

10th of March 2019
Master Reef Guides enhancing visitor experiences

Quicksilver marine biologist, Dr Glen Burns, has become one of first Master Reef Guides of the Great Barrier Reef, being an official interpreter, storyteller and ambassador for our World Heritage icon.

Delivered by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, 13 of the best tourism guides operating along the Reef were selected for the program, covering a comprehensive online training course and field school.

Tony Baker, Quicksilver Group Managing Director said, “Quicksilver is delighted to be involved in this program which aims to enhance our visitor experiences by providing more in-depth information about the marine environment in a memorable way. We congratulate Glen on participating in the inaugural program and look forward to more staff across our operations joining the Master Reef Guides program in the near future.”

A marine biologist with over 30 years of experience, Dr Glen Burns said, “We want our visitors to leave us with a better understanding of the environment that they visited. We want them to care about the Reef and if people go home and care, they are more likely to help look after it.” 

The Master Reef Guides program covers reef management and protection, responsible practices, citizen science, along with public speaking skills, storytelling and science communication. It is delivered GBRMPA and supported by the Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators and Tourism and Events Queensland.