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Scared of sharks? You don't need to be!

10th of August 2018
Scared of sharks? You don't need to be!

One of the most common fears we face from apprehensive customers is in regards to sharks. Galeophobia, or the fear of sharks often stems from the media portrayal of these beasts, be it by discussing shark attacks through to movies such as Jaws (1975) and Deep Blue Sea (1999) which paints sharks in a negative light. 

Every ocean on the planet homes a variety of shark species, including the Great Barrier Reef which is home to the Black and White Tip Reef Shark. These sharks are not dangerous to humans, if anything they are afraid of humans! But they are very curious and might come and have a little look at you if you are in their area. Other species present on the Reef include Grey Whaler Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Epaulette Sharks and Wobbegong Sharks.
 While a fear of sharks is justified, the actual chances of a shark attack are minimal. Here is a list of things that are considered more likely to cause injury or death than a shark attack:

  • Lightning strikes (average 10,000 deaths per year)
  • Volcanic eruptions (average 762 deaths per year)
  • Elephants (average 600 deaths per year)
  • Falling out of bed, causing head and neck injuries (average 450 deaths per year)
  • Slipping in or while getting out of the bathtub (average 340 deaths per year)
  • Electrocution from toaster related incidents (average 300 deaths per year in the US alone)
  • Falling coconuts (average 150 deaths per year)
  • Falling from a ladder (average 113 deaths per year)
  • Animal-drawn vehicles (average 80 deaths per year)
  • Falling TV’s (average 41 deaths per year)
  • Jellyfish (average 40 deaths per year)
  • Lawn mowers (average 40 deaths per year)
  • Buried alive (average 29 deaths per year)
  • A Champagne cork to the face (average 24 deaths per year)
  • Cows (average 22 deaths per year)
  • Armed (gun-wielding) toddlers (average 21 deaths per year)
  • Ants (average 20 deaths per year)
  • Vending machines (average 13 deaths per year)
  • Taking selfie photos and being unaware of surroundings (average 12 deaths per year)

Despite all of this, statistics have shark attacks at approx. 4-5 fatal attacks per year! 2017 saw 88 unprovoked attacks and a total of 5 fatalities worldwide.  People are literally more likely to die from a falling vending machine that being attacked by one of the oceanic powerhouses in the shark.  
 Our advice? Get out there and face your fears! Who knows who or what you might spot lurking below the water's surface!