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Recycling uniforms to close the textile waste loop

7th of August 2023
Recycling uniforms to close the textile waste loop

Just like our old uniforms, sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes! We’re delighted to contribute to Upparel, recycling old staff uniforms into a second life while closing the loop on textile waste.

Once textiles are sorted and assessed for recycling, they are broken down through an industrial tearing process to create a fine fluffy fibre. This recycled fibre is used to create a unique material for packaging, signage, homewares and much more.

For every 1kg of textiles that avoids landfill, an average 3-4kg of greenhouse gases is prevented from polluting the atmosphere. 100% of the recoverable textiles that go to Upparel are reused, repurposed, or recycled within our Australian and New Zealand ecosystem – meaning absolutely nothing is sent to landfill. And that’s a great thing!